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vridniX is a platformer in which you play a little selfish creature who just wants to be worshipped. But during his journey to save the world, he will wreck everything...


Hello there Itch.io!

Uncanaut (it's us) is proud to present you vridniX. This game is a platformer where the main character never stops running, as he wants to be the first to stop the evil forces! Moreover, when he picks up a rotation orb, he makes the level spin! Well, the inhabitants won't be happy about that...


  • Never stop running: vridniX is in a hurry, he's got no time to rest!
  • Interact with everything: Run on the floor, hang onto the ceiling, bounce against the walls! Use the environment at best.
  • Spin the levels: Pick up the rotation balls and watch the level rotate as you wreck entire areas.
  • Meet and face the various species of this peculiar world: obstacles in game and interactive characters in cutscenes, each species has its own unique behaviour.
  • Strange and unusual boss battles: vridniX can't attack at all, yet he wants to save the day! Fight against many unkind being and find a way to win.

This game is a journey in a very special world in which you control a antihero who will meet plenty of differents characters, learn a lot (or not) about the civilisations, travel in various environments and face absurd bosses.

Are you ready? Well, don't hesitate to try the demo :D


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